Welcome to Qatar - a country known not only for its stunning architecture and luxury living, but also for its tax-friendly environment and world-class infrastructure. Qatar is a tax haven with a property transfer tax of only 0.25% compared to 4% in Dubai and 2% in Abu Dhabi. There is no property tax and no income tax, making Qatar one of the most attractive countries in the region for real estate investment. As an investor, you can also get a "Golden Visa" for life if you purchase a property worth $1,000,000 or more. If you invest at least $200,000 in Qatar, you will receive a residency visa for 5 years. Qatar is a friendly country with a stable government and world-class infrastructure that allows you to open bank accounts and businesses with ease.

In addition to the economic benefits, Qatar is also the #1 country in the Arab region for quality education. International schools and universities from America, the United Kingdom and other countries offer top-notch education. The government of Qatar also provides free social medicine and education for its citizens.

Invest in Qatar and enjoy a tax-friendly environment, world-class infrastructure and world-class education. Qatar is a country ready to support investors and offers an excellent business climate. Contact us today and we will help you find the perfect real estate investment plan in Qatar.